The Sandlot – CFaR Benefit – Tuesday August 22nd – Maidstone Park, Springs

In a small American town in the early 1960s, Scotty Smalls is the new boy in the neighborhood, seeking desperately to fit in. He would be welcomed on the local sandlot baseball team that practice every day, which only has eight players. Smalls however, can’t play baseball; on his first visit to the sandlot he finds himself in the outfield with a fly ball descending toward him which bounces off his glove, causing the other boys except “Benny the Jet” Rodriguez, the team’s leader, to burst out laughing. Smalls, humiliated, leaves.

Meanwhile, behind a wall at the end of the sandlot is a backyard inhabited by “the Beast”, an English Mastiff, a dog so large and savage that it has become a neighborhood legend. One day the boys’ last ball is torn apart after being hit by Benny. Smalls saves the day by borrowing his stepfather’s ball; but the ball ends up in the backyard with the Beast, Smalls learns the ball was special: it was signed by Babe Ruth. Attempts to recover the ball lead to a series of events, with the boys learning the real story behind the Beast’s owner.

The sandlot boys enjoy the rest of the summer and the next few years. Over the next three decades, the boys grow up and go into different careers. But Benny and Smalls still remained close, as Benny becomes a famous MLB player while Smalls becomes a sports reporter.

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